Officer List 2023

Officer List 2021 “Freeze Year” Extends everyone term by a year and are in parenthesis  3 Year Terms/6 Years Max Consecutive Italics are re-electable 2018, 2019, 2020, (2021)-Thank you for all you have done! Nazish Naseem 2017 2018,// 2019, 2020, (2021)-Thank you for all you have done! Lisa McClure 2 yr term, +  2019, 2020, 2021,Continue reading “Officer List 2023”

Updated Safety Protocals

Session has discussed the risk factors and we have discovered that we have way more than herd immunity in terms of vaccines (or should we say flock immunity, we are after all sheep of God’s flock). We are asking everyone to mask when we are INSIDE throughout worship, only the preacher will unmask when distancedContinue reading “Updated Safety Protocals”

Farmer’s Market

In 2011 we started a farmer’s market in the parking lot with 6 vendors. We were thrilled to have 75 people attend our first Grand opening! Since then we have grown every year. We even successfully reopened during the quarantine during 2020. This will be our 12th year! We are open every Tuesday 3-6pm MayContinue reading “Farmer’s Market”